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Let state officials know you are against higher home sales taxes. By signing the petition below you are voicing your opposition to any increases in the Realty Transfer Fee.


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Do you want to pay a local home sales tax?

In the past, some legislators have attempted to allow municipalities in New Jersey to establish their own realty transfer fees, which is really a home sales tax, in addition to the fee already charged by the state.

If the answer is NO,

  1. Send a letter to your legislators opposing a local home sales tax.  Express how the local tax will impact commercial property owners by clicking here.

  2. Sign the petition at the left of this page.

Is your legislator opposed to a local home sales tax?

Click here to view a list of New Jersey senators and assembly representatives who have pledged to oppose legislation that increases or expands the realty transfer fee.

Why is the Home Sales Tax Bad for New Jersey?

The home sales tax erodes equity that homeowners have built up in their homes over the years. It ratchets up closing costs and overall home prices, creating far-reaching effects that literally rip away the "American Dream" of homeownership for too many deserving New Jersey families.   Get the Facts.

What Is The New Jersey Home Sales Tax?

The New Jersey Home Sales Tax is officially known as the Realty Transfer Fee (RTF). We call it a "tax" because that is what this once insignificant charge has turned into after nearly 40 years of steady increases. Home sellers pay the tax, which is based on a home’s sales price. This state-imposed fee was established in 1968 to offset the costs of tracking real estate transactions. During the years since, the RTF was increased numerous times, impacting home sales negatively throughout the Garden State, as well as the overall economy.   Get the Facts.

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Get the Facts

The local Home Sales Tax will impact every municipality in New Jersey if adopted.

The total Home Sales Tax on an average home will have jumped 103% since 2003 if the local Home Sales Tax is approved.

The added local Home Sales Tax will increase the tax on an existing home sold at the state median price of $356,700 by 13%.




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